what we do

We are creative production integrators. We innovate into the uncharted.
We see ourselves as a creative technical studio,
using technology as a tool to craft moments for your audience.
A technology studio that takes the journey from concept to execution.
Masters in creative & technical, design & technology , innovation & tradition, abstract & logic.
We pioneer new experiences. We create connections.


Production Design

From the concept of a project to its inception, carefully crafting every moment is what makes for unforgettable experiences.

Stage Design

Structure, form and purpose. These are the cornerstones to every good stage design. Creating a spatially aware environment is the start of every good project with safety and understanding being critical for its successful delivery.

Art Direction

Once a concept is born it needs direction, a visual direction for the entire team to get behind in order for them to fully realise it’s vision. Crafting art direction for any project is key to delivering refined and creative moments.

Visual Design

Images tell a story, and with every piece of visual design we aim to deliver emotions and messages that stand out. They say content is everything, but so is understanding your canvas and your audience to get the most from your content.

Lighting Design

Understanding intensity, angles, form, shadows and colour are what creates dramatic and crafted moments. From big bold dance events, intimate performances or illuminating an environment, knowing what tools to use, where to place them and most importantly when to use them is the key to using light to create the right atmosphere.

Interactive Design

The human desire to connect with others is embedded deep within all of us. This same desire for connection is the driving force behind every interactive installation we create. The desire to inspire curiosity, open a dialogue and create a connection is what makes interactive technology a beautiful and powerful tool to connect with your audience.


Research and Development

Every idea starts exactly that way: as an idea, but with thorough research and development, any idea can grow into a reality. Our understanding of creative and technical elements allows us to merge the two disciplines to create unique experiences.

Technical Drawing

Planning and paperwork is the cornerstone to organising any project. It also is a key way to clearly communicate ideas to an entire team. A crucial and necessary item for any project.

Pre visualisation

Producing a world class event doesn’t happen by accident. Using the latest 3D tools we use our in house studio to virtually create an entire experience before even moving into a venue. From lighting, video, scenic and complete automation, every element can be realised ahead of time.

Production Management

Managing teams on site is only part of the production management phase, it begins long before any executable tasks, with planning, resource management, and constant communication throughout the project.

Show Control

Understanding the technology needed to deliver any project is the backbone to any technical department. Seamlessly integrating these technologies is what pioneers experiences.

Pixel Technology

Pixel technology is understanding the creative possibilities of efficient LED technology and how to integrate them into designs using a combination of video, lighting and scenic departments to deliver a truly integrated product that beautifully blurs the borders between them.